This might be the most important topic I will ever blog about. It is the reason I had a heart attack, and the reason for so many health problems today.


In January, I asked my cardiologist how it was possible for me to have a cholesterol blockage in my artery when my cholesterol is super low (Total=117, LDL=59, HDL=58).

He said, “You have inflammation in your arteries. If you don’t have inflammation in your arteries, the cholesterol runs right though. If you have inflammation, it gets trapped and builds up.

He said “You can compare it to rubbing your skin with a brillo pad, and just continually rubbing it. Your skin becomes raw and inflamed. That’s what’s happening to your arteries–they are in a constant inflamed state.”

So, I started researching inflammation, and then a few months later my dentist actually recommended “Inflammation Nation.” In the book, the author says half of Americans suffer from inflammation.

The cause:  Affluenza.


We have rich, processed and refined foods too readily available. He explains inflammation from top to bottom and provides an eating plan to reverse it.

All kinds of things can cause inflammation:

  • sugar
  • fat
  • aspartame
  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • dehydration
  • inactivity
  • food alergies

A few articles I have found interesting:

Wouldn’t that be crazy if so many of our health problems could be cured with a simple eating plan? ❤

27 thoughts on “Inflammation

  1. Sherylen Wilkerson

    I totally agree with you. I have been reading a lot about inflammation also. What is sad most the public suffering from inflammation don’t want to hear about. They don’t want to give up all the processed food and diet soda. I agree, it is hard for me to totally quit sugar.

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  2. Donna Williams

    What a good read Shannon and I so agree. I suspect so many health issues are linked to it he foods you drink. A month without sugar and carbs and I haven’t felt so well for at least a decade.

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  3. Jackie Beechner

    Look into the Documentary “Forks Over Knives” and the China Study. I have been trying to go onto the CHIP lifestyle and it’s something I need to get serious about… NOW… thanks for the inspiration!!

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  4. deb

    What a great read. Thank you Shannon for sharing your experience, it’s really amazing how “sick” our country is….why we have so much “poison” in the grocery store is beyond belief! And why don’t our medical providers educate better? Shannon have you tried Kombatcha? It’s really good for your gut (probiotic) and we find it totally satisfies that “soda” craving! You don’t need to drink much and really watch the label some are less sugar then others! We always drink the Organic Brands….Trader Joe’s is a reasonable place to get it. Lots of flavors to try!

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  5. Thanks so much for this, Shannon! It’s frightening when you start to research our food and what we are actually eating! I did Whole30 and it was an eye opener! Their book – “It Starts With Food” was a great intro to this topic. I’ve heard of SO many people being diagnosed with rare Auto-Immune diseases lately and I believe it is all food related. It certainly is a journey. I’m glad you’re doing well!

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  6. Tammy Richard

    Thanks for this share. I have a family history of bad hearts…I am sure all do to exactly this! I have decided to change my habits for my 47th bday!
    Baby steps…in one week (pre-bday) I am down 7 lbs track what I eat; drink and activity using apps.
    After 2 Breast Cancers I am determined to make the rest of my life a healthy and better one!!! This will likely be a plane read to OnStage!
    Can’t wait to see you! 13 dodos 😉

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  7. I am dealing with inflammation issues too, related gut health and healing Adrenal Fatigue. I did not know that it also effected arteries. Thank you for sharing, it is another good reason to continue doing what I am doing. You are an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and hopefully changes other peoples lives for the better.

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  8. I am so grateful for your blog to share your journey. You are the third heart attach survivor I know of last fall/winter. All were very unexpected and young. I’ve been aware of inflammation risks for a couple of years. So this make me highly aware that I need to make changes (weight, plant based foods, stress, sleep, caffeine, sugar) and avoid joining this club. It is overwhelming to say the least. I’m so thankful that you are overcoming and facing the challenges!

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  9. Kathy Skinner

    We just read the Autoimmune Fix by Tom O’Bryan and found out about inflammation and how it is the #1 cause of Autoimmune Diseases…all of them! My husband was finally able to get off Prednisone after 3 years by following Dr. O’Bryan’s recommendations. This was a wonderful post; so glad you shared to increase awareness.

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