5 Fruits and Vegetables a Day

The last item I have left to discuss of the 4 Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack is eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day. If you watched the video, you heard the Doc say that these 4 things will lower your risk of a heart attack by 40%…which is a better improvement than anything else can make, including prescription drugs. However, the Doc also says that only 3% of Americans do these 4 things.

My first question was can I eat 4 fruits and 1 veggie a day? Yeah, I can, I can do whatever I want, including eating no plants. But if I’m wanting to really put healthy stuff into my body, I know I should eat more veggies than fruits–so I aim for 3 veggies and 2 fruits. I don’t add it up each day, but there were definitely days in the beginning that I counted how many I ate to make sure I was in range. Also, I looked into what would be considered a fruit and vegetable–but you might want to check on that if you’re interested (e.g. 1 medium sized fruit and 1 cup of leafy veggies).

Fortunately for me, I like salads–I pretty much have a salad every day for lunch. For dinner, I eat a salad or something else with lots of veggies. And I usually have a fruit for breakfast with my granola or oatmeal.

The hardest time of day is about 3pm…snack time! If I eat a healthy lunch, I always get hungry in the afternoon, and I always used to reach for cookies, chocolate, diet coke, pretzels, sometimes I’d wander around the office and see what kind of goodies I could find.

Now, I make sure I am armed with healthy options. I have an apple almost every day. And then I also take carrots, celery or cucumbers to work, with hummus or salsa. Peanut butter with celery is also delicious. I try to keep it simple, but have found I need something sweet and something savory on hand at work.

So that’s how I fit the 5 in each day.

I was surprised to learn that if I put the 5 fruits and veggies into my diet first, I really don’t need or want a lot of other food. And at the end of the day, I feel happy I’ve fueled my body with healthy stuff. ❤

7 thoughts on “5 Fruits and Vegetables a Day

    1. I just go full ranch on my salads, but I try not to eat a ton of it. Since I have low cholesterol, I’m not worried about that as much. . .at least for now. Meat–yeah sometimes, but less meat lately than I used to. I’m skeptical of animal products, lol.

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  1. Virginia Toivonen

    Thanks so much for the timely reminder Shannon. You rock! My son is having a kidney transplant next week with my daughter donating a kidney to another family (she was not a match to my son) so I am going to be the chief cook and bottle washer for about 6 weeks. This info will help to keep us all healthy.


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