So many thoughts…

ThoughtsIt’s been almost 9 months since my heart attack. My brain is overwhelmed with everything I’ve been thinking and learning and I’m ready to let some of it out.

I feel like a completely different person.

I want to talk about all this heart stuff…and I want you to talk to me too. . .<3

8 thoughts on “So many thoughts…

  1. Lynne in Maryland

    You are educating others here. Thankfully, all that waiting wasn’t too long to wait.
    My mom had a similar experience. She had pain, trouble catching her breath…..finally called my sister and asked her to take her to a Minute Clinic. My sister took her to the ER. EKG was fine, as were some other tests. I assume they did bloodwork. They sent her home, and told her to follow up with her family practitioner. She did, and he wanted her to see a cardiologist. He got her an appointment the next day. He said that the only way to really tell if there is a blockage is to do a catheterization. That was scheduled I think for the following week. In the meantime, they told her not to do anything that brought on the pains -walking, Exercycle, etc.
    My sister took her in for the catheterization, and left to take care of some errands. Next thing she knows, she’s getting a phone call to return to the hospital. Mom would be having open heart surgery in a few hours. She had one artery 90% blocked, and one 70%. (They only fixed the 90% blockage.). Two+ years later, my 84 year old mom is doing great!
    Hoping that you continue to be healthy!

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